Haibo TU

A435. Kaiwu Bldg. of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji Univ.,
No. 4800 Cao An Rd., Shanghai 201804, P. R. China
Email haibotu2012@163.com

  • Research field
    • Quadrotor
      Research and develop the multi-quadrotor, focusing autonomous fly and group control;
      Electronic and control system of the manipulator
      Development of joint electronic and control system based on the ministrant manipulator;
      Kinematics and dynamics calculation of the manipulator considering rigid - flexible coupling performance;
      Research on compliance control of the manipulator;
      Development of Software Platform for manipulator control system;

  • Presentations
    • [5] 2017.12.24 Research and simulation of flexible joint of manipulators. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.
      [4] 2017.08.29 Design and Construction of a Multifunctional Auxiliary System for Quadrotors. SESE SummerSchool 2017. KIT. Germany.
      [3] 2017.04.07 Robot technology in large aircraft assembly and drilling riveting. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.
      [2] 2016.06.14 Tracking and Monitoring of the Quadrotor based on Monocular Vision. Presentation as part of the Bachelor Defense. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.
      [1] 2015.12.19 Research on the quadrotor based on the microcontroller STM32F407VGT6. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.

  • Publications
    • black: published, green: accepted for publication,red: submitted for publication
      [1] Qirong Tang*, Lu Ding, Fangchao Yu, Yuan Zhang, Yinghao Li, and Haibo Tu. Swarm Robots Search for Multiple Targets Based on an Improved Grouping Strategy. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. 7pages.

  • Non-academic work
  •         Arrangement of the laboratory field

            Management of the laboratory website