Dong SUN(Joint)

A435. Kaiwu Bldg. of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji Univ., No. 4800 Cao An Rd., Shanghai 201804, P. R. China

Dong Sun    2020 Master. Student

  • Research Interests
    • Underwater Robotics
      Motion Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
      Three-dimensional Visual Simulation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

  • Presentations
    • [1] 2021.12.11 Formation control and visual simulation of multi Micro-AUVS. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.
      [2] 2022.12.03 Research on design and visual simulation of Micro-AUV. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.

  • Publications
    • black: published, green: accepted for publication, red: submitted for publication
      [1] Dong Sun, Qirong Tang*, Jiang Li, Minghao Liu, and Guohua Cui. Trajectory tracking control of underactuated Micro-AUV based on sliding mode control. Ship Science and Technology.
      [2] Dong Sun, Qirong Tang*, Minghao Liu, Jiang Li, Haoyu Liu, and Guohua Cui. Research on swarm formation control of modular underwater robots. Ship Science and Technology.
      [3] Dong Sun, Qirong Tang*, Jiang Li, and Guohua Cui. Design and Implementation of Modular and Convenient Underwater Vehicle System. Automation and Instrumentation.

  • Non-academic work
  •        1. Laboratory daily work.

           2. Management of learning and research items.