A435. Kaiwu Bldg. of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji Univ.,
No. 4800 Cao An Rd., Shanghai 201804, P. R. China

  • Research Field
    • 3D simulation platform based on physical engine
      baed on ODE physical engine applied to multi robot and target
      System reliability analysis
      system reliability analysis based on static information develop of industrial reliability analysis software
      Quadrotor system
      develop of control unit for quadrotor autonomous flying control and swarm control
      Wireless localization system
      research on wireless communication technology localization based on wireless signal
      Machine learning
      image reconization based on neural network transfer learning

  • Publications
    • black:published,green: accepted for publication,red:submitted for publication
      [2] Senlin Wang; Shangqiu Shan; Wei Luo; Xinghong Yu: Robust Adaptive Nonlinear Attitude Control for a Quadrotor UAV. Proceedings of 36th Chinese Control Conference, Dalian, China, July, 26-28, 2017.
      [1] Qirong Tang, Lei Zhang, Wei Luo, Lu Ding, Fangchao Yu, and Jian Zhang*. A Comparative Study of Biology-inspired Algorithms Applied to Swarm Robots Target Searching. ICSI'2016.

  • Presentations
    • [3] Dec. 24, 2017: “Image Recognization based on YOLO”, Status Seminar, RMB, Shanghai
      [2] May 2, 2016: Master Thesis, "Multi-quadrotor Flying Control Based on Wireless Localization", ITM, Stuttgart
      [1] Dec. 19, 2015: "Survey of Wireless Localization System and related Algorithms for Quadrotor", Status Seminar, RMB, Shanghai

  • Patents
    • [1] Hao Chen, Wei Luo, Pinrong Cai, Yaozhong Wang, Dan Zhang, Jingxin Zhang, Ruiyu Zhong. Autonomous landing assistant system for muti-rotor UAV [utility model patent]. 201720286986.2

  • Non-academic work
  •         Websites design and maintance

            International receptions

            Lecture assistance