Xue HU

A435. Kaiwu Bldg. of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji Univ.,

  • Research Interests
    • Research on Grasp Point Planning of Robot Manipulator Based on Visual-Tactile Fusion Perception
      Visual Recognition and Location of Grabbing Targets; Tactile Information Processing for Grabbing Targets; Design of fusion algorithm for visual and tactile information; Grasp Point Planning of Manipulators with Different Numbers of Fingers;

            As an effective extension of the human active limb, the manipulator can become a hot research direction in the field of robots in various technological powers because of its ability to complete flexible and precise operations. The successful planning of the grabbing point is a necessary prerequisite for stable crawling. This requires the robot to understand the surrounding environment and interact with it. The main difficulty lies in the uncertainty of the environment. The main way to obtain information with humans is similar to vision. Learning the characteristics of grabbing targets from visual sensory information has become the focus of research in data-driven crawling planning. However, the environment in which the target is captured is usually complicated, and it may overlap with other surrounding interference objects. The tactile sensor has direct contact with the target during operation, and can obtain sensing information about the finer and more representative properties of the target to compensate for the lack of the visual sensor.

  • Presentations
    • [3] 2018.12.2 Research on Grasp Point Planning of Robot Manipulator Based on Visual-Tactile Fusion Perception. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.
      [2] 2017.12.24 Improving scheme of the anthropomorphic prosthetic hand and its tactile perception system. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.
      [1] 2016.12.31 Mechanical design of an anthropomorphic prosthesis hand. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.

  • Non-academic work
  •         reserve conference room,water flowers,schedule the duty roster,collect the school timetables and so on.