Xue HU

A435. Kaiwu Bldg. of Mechanical Engineering, Tongji Univ.,
Email 1374013702@qq.com

  • Research Interests
    • Anthropomorphic prosthetic hand
      mechanical design of an anthropomorphic prosthetic hand; Tactile perception system of an anthropomorphic prosthetic hand

    Design of an anthropomorphic prosthetic hand for disabled people

            Together with brain and eye, hand is one of the three important organs that make people highly intelligent. It play an indispensable role in human evolution and modern production and life. The anthropomorphic prosthetic hand has always been a difficult problem in the design of a robot, mainly due to its small size and skillful requirements. Refining the structure of the main drive mechanism of degree of freedom, this research designs an anthropomorphic prosthetic hand of the humanoid hand shape. At the same time, an sigle finger is drived for the transmission study and stress analysis. All the parts are constructed by 3D printing, and the installation of ample tactile sensors make it possible for the hand to complete the specified action, which lays the foundation for its application in the field of artificial limbs.

  • Presentations
    • [2] 2017.12.24 Improving scheme of the anthropomorphic prosthetic hand and its tactile perception system. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.
      [1] 2016.12.31 Mechanical design of an anthropomorphic prosthesis hand. Tongji University. Shanghai, China.

  • Non-academic work
  •         reserve conference room,water flowers,schedule the duty roster,collect the school timetables and so on.